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August 25, 2009

The community that is known as, was formed from a web community on the official Trendwest WorldMark owners forum. The original forum was a true owner community, where owners could create threads and post to each other about a wide-range of issues. As one member recalls:

“The old forum in pre-Cendant days was a fun place. As long as you behaved in a civil manner and didn’t talk about resales you were OK.”

Many WorldMark owners think that this unique forum was a result of the prevailing “owner first” policies of TrendWest during the early days of the Club.

In the years after the purchase of TrendWest by Cendant, the purpose and function of the Trendwest forum became more and more restrictive. While discussion of “resale” was always prohibited, under the new ownership, more and more topics became tabooo. As one owner recalls:

“As the owner population grew so did forum participants. A new “breed” you might say came along; those with questions, and not satisfied with the status quo.”

As a natural result, many owners chaffed under the new restrictions. This shift in the tone and purpose of the forum resulted in the forum temporarily shutting down in November of 2003. Between November and April of 2004, the forum operated sporadically. Then in Apr 2004, a new forum was unveiled. This forum did not allow users to create new threads. Threads could only be created by a moderator. For general WorldMark discussions there was a area called the Coffee Shop. Owners could discuss general topics about WM in that area.