About WMO

About Us

WM Owners, Inc
WM Owners Inc. founded By Owners, For Owners
Supporting Owner Advocacy
Providing Education
Encouraging Open communication
Creating Community

How did it all start?

And so it began. In 2004, a ragtag group of owners bound together by a common interest set out to create a true WorldMark site created By Owners, For Owners. Not always in agreement, not always motivated to do what needed to be done and never having enough time to do all they wanted, they nonetheless created wmowners.com and it slowly blossomed into what you see today.

As with all things, changes have occurred. People have come and gone, tasks have been forfeited in favor of others and mistakes have been made along with all of the successes. But what is sure is that everybody that has been involved in this site to date has given their best to big and small jobs and as a result, owners are getting stronger, friendships are getting stronger and the urge to enjoy our club is getting stronger. As Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing.”

Today many are working both behind the scenes and out in the public eye to continually develop and improve your site and remaining true to its founding principles, it is all being provided free of charge based on the work of volunteers who are owners just like you. The best way to support and improve a community is to participate in the community and assist in determining its direction. Give your best to contribute to the community either in content or in cash or credits.


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