WMO Today

From those humble beginnings, today WMOwners.com is a vibrant community of concerned WorldMark owners. As a site founded due to excessive moderation and censorship on the official WorldMark forum, the WMO forum supports a board spectrum of owner opinions. As is natural for any group that been subject to extreme censorship, the bias on the WMOwner.com is to support more freedom of expression. At times this will be led to opinions that might, on the surface, seem extreme. Keep in mind that those opinions are the opinions of the individual, and do not represent the official position of WM Owners, Inc.

For today WMO is uniquely positioned to act as an advocate of the owner. Toward that end and due to a generous donation by a WM owner, WMO actual holds a membership in WorldMark. This aspect of our mission is an evolving strategy, and is far less mature than our owner education and communication mission. Bear with us as we flesh out our policies and processes in that area. We pledge to always put the interests of WorldMark owners first.

Please visit the WMOwners site for more information.


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