So it really all started with a mouse… or a click of one.

With all due respect to Walt Disney, the community at was first launched in November 2003 by a WorldMark owner. The first major outage of the WM4M occurred over the Thanksgiving holidays, and caused one owner to speed to action. As one remembers it:

…but no one knew for sure why they had closed it, but the writing was on the wall. It was at this time that this forum founder felt the pressure to get something up on another site. She did so within days. It was something we had talked about before but never so seriously as when they shut the forum down with no warning. The WM4M fluttered off and on until April of 2004. There were some other closures for “holidays” they said and there was evidence of more censorship when it was back up. Cendant’s policies changed the WM forum.

So it was  from this humble beginning initiated by an insightful owner that the WMOwners community was first launched.  Recognizing the barriers for effective owner to owner communication, this owner essentially told Trendwest to go “fly a kite” and launched on her small web storefront called the “Kite  Shoppe”.   In these early days, WMOwners was about Owner Education and Communication, and was largely hosted in a forum called ““From the Garden to the Kitchen” on that site.

Later in August of 2004, the site you know today became to form, and was labelled by the founders. So you see, it all started with a “mouse”… click. 😀


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